Friends of the Boyd



“Ultra-modern in every way, the theater is notable for the unusual decorations which make it distinctive. Chief among its attractions, aside from the French etched glass which is used in many places and which appears in profusion on the large mirrors in the foyer and lobby, is the modern mural which is presented to the audience as it faces the stage.”

-Opening Day Program, p. 15


“The main auditorium has been so constructed that a full view of the stage and screen is afforded from every seat. The seats themselves are specially designed for comfort.”

“The balcony is low and is gained by flights of easy steps.”

– Opening Day Program, p. 25

In the ornate auditorium, images of draped dancers cavort around a chandelier and an Amazon queen attended by her minions presides over the stage as chariots pull in from the side and a robed flute player heralds the action.”

-The Philadelphia Inquirer

The Boyd’s magnificent auditorium opened in 1928, with 2450 seats, each with a perfect sight line.

See more of the 2006 Paint Mock Up, a return to 1928 colors.

Enjoy the Monel panels on the auditorium’s main floor. Take a special Backstage tour.

Before departing the Boyd, you might wish to return to the Foyer and proceed downstairs to visit the Lounge and its restrooms.

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