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Philadelphia Inquirer 5-31-15
Gersil Kay

Philadelphia Inquirer 5-28-15
Maria Panaritis

Philadelphia Daily News 5-28-15
Jennifer Wright

PlanPhilly 5-26-15
Jared Brey

Philadelphia Inquirer 5-25-15
Tom Gralish

Philadelphia Inquirer 5-21-15
Inga Saffron

Ellen A. Hurst 5-20-15

Hidden City Philadelphia 5-20-15
Bradley Maule

Philadelphia Inquirer 5-15-15
Inga Saffron

Philadelphia Inquirer 4-23-15
Matt Gelb

Philadelphia Inquirer 4-20-15
Maud Lyon, Philadelphia Cultural Alliance
Letters to the Editor

PlanPhilly 4-17-15
Michael Bencik
The Boyd’s Demise and the Philadelphia Demolition Commission

Philadelphia Inquirer 4-12-15
Signe Wilkinson
Daily Signe Cartoon

Philadelphia Inquirer 4-10-15
Michael Barnes
Letters to the Editor

Hidden City Philadelphia 3-25-15
Michael Bixler
Surveying the Damage with Abandoned America: The Age of Consequences

Philadelphia Inquirer 3-23-15
Sandra Bressler
Letters to the Editor

Philadelphia Inquirer 3-22-15
Inga Saffron
Good Eye: The Uptown is a North Phila. survivor

Philadelphia Inquirer 3-20-15
Arthur R. Cohen
Letters to the Editor

Curbed Philly 3-17-15
Megan Richie Jooste
Let’s Take One Last Look Back at Philly’s “Art Deco Palace”

Broad Street Review 3-17-15
Armen Pandola
An elegy for the Boyd Theater

Video Bob Conley 3-15-15

6 ABC TV Action News 3-14-15
Boyd Theater Demolition Begins in Center City

Philadelphia Inquirer, 3-15-15
Jane M Von Bergen and Inga Saffron
‘Heart-breaking’ demolition of historic Boyd Theater dismays supporters

Hidden City Philadelphia 3-12-15
Michael Bixler
Demolition Of Boyd Auditorium Imminent, Though Lobby And Hall Will Stay

PlanPhilly 3-11-15
Preservation’s weak inside game: From the Boyd to the Blue Horizon

PlanPhilly Newsworks 3-11-15
WHYY Radio interview of Ashley Hahn
Pearl Properties plans demolition for Boyd Theatre auditorium

PlanPhilly 3-11-15
Ashley Hahn
Pearl Properties plans demolition for Boyd Theatre auditorium

Phillymag 3-6-15
James Jennings
Is Demo at the Boyd Theatre About to Take Place?

Philadelphia Inquirer 12-20-14
Inga Saffron
Changing Skyline: iPic didn’t come, so now what for the Boyd?


Hidden City Philadelphia, 4-4-14
Nathaniel Popkin
Agreement To Govern Dismantling Of Boyd Auditorium

KYW Radio (CBS Philly), 4-4-14
Steve Tawa
Preservation Group Drops Appeal Of Demolition Of Interior Of Boyd Theater

Philadelphia Inquirer 4-4-14
Maria Panaritis
Efforts to save Boyd interior ends with agreement

Hidden City Philadelphia, 3-28-14
Katherine Dowdell
Boyd Ruling: “Clear Appearance of Bias”

Philadelphia Inquirer, 3-23-14
Pierre Robert
Play it again, Boyd Theater

Philadelphia Inquirer, 3-22-14
Maureen Wellner & Tom Lennon
Letters to the Editor

Philadelphia Inquirer, 3-19-14
Demolition of Boyd apparently underway

Philadelphia Daily News, 3-19-14
Ashley Kuhn
Boyd Theatre demolition begins; preservationist ‘horrified’

PlanPhilly, 3-17-14
Reckoning with the Boyd Theatre’s final bow

Hidden City Philadelphia, 3-17-14
Nathaniel Popkin
Permit in Place to Demolish the Boyd Theater Interior

Philadelphia Daily News, 3-17-14
Julie Shaw
City’s Historical Commission approves partial demolition of old Boyd Theatre

Philadelphia Inquirer, 3-16-14
Inga Saffron
Live Nation granted permit to gut Boyd Theater

Philadelphia Inquirer, 3-15-14
Inga Saffron
Changing Skyline: Philadelphia’s crumbling buildings: Photos of a ‘City Abandoned’

Philadelphia Inquirer, 3-15-14
John Leary
Letters Extra: iPic Boyd plan panned

KYW Radio (CBS Philly), 3-14-14
Steve Tawa
Developer Gets OK to Gut Interior of Boyd Theater

6 ABC TV Action News, 3-13-14
Fate of Philadelphia’s Boyd Theatre could come Friday

Hidden City Philadelphia, 3-13-14
Peter Woodall
Fate In Balance, Historical Commission To Hear Boyd Theater Case Friday

93.3 WMMR Rocks! Radio, 3-13-14
Pierre Robert
Save The Boyd Theater

YouTube, 3-13-14
Kara Simmers
Preserve the Boyd

Philadelphia Daily News, 2-28-14
David Lee Preston
Save the Boyd? Not likely now

PlanPhilly 2-27-14
Matt Golas
Historical Commission committee accepts Boyd hardship application

KYW radio 2-27-14
Steve Tawa
Committee Of Philadelphia Historical Commission Recommends Plan To Convert Boyd Theater

Philadelphia Inquirer 2-27-14
Inga Saffron
Committee Of Philadelphia Historical Commission Recommends Plan To Convert Boyd Theater

Philadelphia Inquirer, 2-22-14
Inga Saffron
11th-hour offer to buy Boyd Theater 2-21-14
Liz Spikol
Breaking: Caped Preservation Crusader Offers to Buy the Boyd

CBS Philly, 2-21-14
Steve Tawa
At 11th-Hour, Anonymous Donor Offers To Purchase Boyd Theater

Philadelphia Real Estate Blog, 2-21-14
Sandy Smith
Angel found to rescue Boyd Theater at last minute

PlanPhilly, 2-21-14
Anonymous donor offers to purchase Boyd Theatre

Hidden City Philadelphia, 2-21-14
Peter Woodall
Last Minute Reprieve For Boyd Theater?

NBC 10 TV, 2-11-14
Save the Boyd?

Philadelphia Inquirer, 2-5-14
Bill Pelle
Letters to the Editor

Philadelphia Inquirer, 2-3-14
Michael Miller, Jr
Defend the Boyd

Philadelphia Inquirer, 1-30-14
Maria Panaritis
Boyd Theater remains in limbo as hearing recesses without vote

PlanPhilly, 1-28-14
Matt Golas
Complicated Boyd Theatre financial hardship hearing runs out of meeting minutes, will be continued

CBS Philly, 1-28-14
Steve Tawa
No Action Taken After Hours of Testimony on Preservation of Center City Movie Palace

Philadelphia Business Journal, 1-23-14
Natalie Kosteini
Boyd Theater conversion has a big hurdle next week


Philadelphia Inquirer, 12-25-13
Karen Colizzi Noonan
Letters to the Editor

Weekly Press, 12-18-13
Nicole Contosta
Friends of the Boyd brave harsh elements to save Philly�s last movie palace

Philadelphia Inquirer, 12-17-13
Henry Hauptfuhrer
Letter to the editor: “For the love of Boyd”

PlanPhilly, 12-10-13
Advocates rally for Boyd Theatre reuse

CBS Philly, 12-10-13
Pat Loeb
Development Plan For Historic Center City Movie House Divides Neighbors

Philadelphia Inquirer, 12-10-13
Hillsman Wright
Letter to the Editor: “Memory vault”

Philadelphia Business Journal, 12-10-13
Natalie Kostelni
Blue Horizon, Boyd Theatre make “endangered properties” list, 12-10-13
Liz Spikol
Philadelphia’s Most Endangered Properties 2013

Preservation Alliance for Greater Philadelphia, 12-9-13
Endangered Properties List: Boyd Theatre

Hidden City Philadelphia, 12-6-13
Nathaniel Popkin
Rally To Save The Boyd Tuesday

PlanPhilly, 12-3-13
Rally for the Boyd Theatre December 10, 12-3-13
Bernard Nearey
Letters Extra: Save the Boyd’s interior from this fate

WHYY Radio Times 12-4-13
Marty Moss-Coane, Guests: Inga Saffron & Sharon Pinkenson
The future of Philadelphia’s historic Boyd Theater

Philadelphia Inquirer, 11-23-13
Inga Saffron
Changing Skyline: Theater owners seeking to gut their historical landmarks

Philadelphia Inquirer, 11-22-13
Jennifer Lin
Turn old Phila. theater into mod multiplex? Not so fast, say pals of Boyd

WHYY 11-13-13
Peter Crimmins
Philly’s palatial Boyd Theatre faces sequel as eight small cinemas

CBS Philly 11-13-13
Steve Tawa
Preservationists Go To Bat Again To Preserve Historic Boyd Theater

Alan Jaffe
Movie chain owner says only hope for Boyd is 8-screen complex

Christopher Mote
Movie Complex Proposed For Boyd Theater Would Restore Facade, Demolish Auditorium 10-2-13
Michael Klein
Eight-screen movie theater and restaurant planned for old Boyd

Clear Channel Radio 9-1-13
Victoria Powell
Boyd Theatre interview of Friends of the Boyd vice president Matthew Wolfe

Curbed, 3-4-13
Zach Patten
Sitting Down with THE Boyd Preservationist

Preservation PA, 1-13-13
Twenty-Year Retrospective of Pennsylvania’s Endangered Historic Properties


Philadelphia Real Estate Blog 8-28-12
Jazzmin Jones
Q & A with Howard Haas, Friends of the Boyd founder

Philadelphia Real Estate Blog 8-25-12
Jazzmin Jones
Buildings Then & Now: The Boyd Theater

Hidden City Philadelphia 5-15-12
Chandra Lampreich
Oh Boyd!

USA Today, 2-16-12
Adam Sylvain
Old movie theaters find new life

Curbed Philly, 2-2-12
Liz Spikol
The Decaying Majesty of the Boyd Theatre (aka the Sameric)

After the Final Curtain, 1-24-12
Matt Lambros
Q & A with Howard B. Haas, President of Friends of the Boyd


After the Final Curtain, 11-29-11
The Boyd Theatre

Hidden City Philadelphia 9-15-11
Boyd Remains in Limbo 2-9-11
Shawn Evans
Historic Movie Theaters of Center City

Philadelphia Business Journal 7-22-11
Natalie Kostelni
Boyd Theater Becomes Victim


Philadelphia Inquirer 1-28-10
Sally A. Downey
Harold B. Wheeler, 54, developer


Weekly Press, 7-15-09
Mark Brakeman
Historic theater buffs boost hope for the Boyd

Metro, 7-15-09
Brian X. McCrone
Downtown theater could begin new era

PlanPhilly, 7-8-09
Alan Jaffe
Preservation Row: brighter future for Boyd

Philadelphia Inquirer, 6-19-09
Jeff Shields
Phila. Council approves bills to alter city’s look

PlanPhilly, 6-18-09
Kelly Patrick Gates
Chalk one up for the Boyd


Philadelphia Inquirer, 12-12-08
Inga Saffron
Smart new plan has hotel at Boyd’s back

Philadelphia Inquirer, 9-10-08
Jane M. Von Bergen
Boyd Theater developer envisions entertainment complex

KYW Newsradio 1060 AM, 9-9-08
Karin Phillips
Preservation Group Sees Hope for Phila’s Boyd Theatre

Fox 29, TV, 9-9-08
Developer Plans to Restore Historic Philly Theater

Philadelphia Inquirer, 9-9-08
Inga Saffron
High hopes for grand old Boyd

Weekly Press, 9-3-08
Thom Nickels
Certification of the Boyd behind the face of it

Philadelphia Daily News, 8-14-08
Editorial: Boyd buoyed

Philadelphia Inquirer, 8-13-08
Editorial: The Boyd Theater, Preserving a place in history

Preservation Magazine online, 8-12-08
Margaret Foster
Threatened Philadelphia Theater Protected by Landmark Status

Philadelphia Inquirer, 8-9-08
Inga Saffron
Commission Reinstates Boyd Theater’s historic status

KYW Newsradio 1060 AM, 8-8-08
Mike Dunn
Landmark Status a Partial Reprieve for Philadelphia’s Boyd’s Theater

PlanPhilly, 8-8-08
Thomas J. Walsh
Boyd again designated historic

Philadelphia City Paper, 8-6-08
David Anthony Fox
Alas, Poor Theater

WJFF/National Public Radio, 7-19-08
Ron Bernthal
Lost and Saved

Philadelphia Inquirer 7-17-08
Ashwin Verghese
Boyd Theater moves closer to historical designation

KYW Newsradio 1060 AM, 7-16-08
Steve Tawa
Phila. Agency Could Give Boyd Theatre a ‘Historic Designation’

PlanPhilly, 7-16-08
Thomas J. Walsh
Boyd Theatre gets historic nod

Daily Pennsylvanian 6-19-08
Josh Stanfield
By pushing legislation to preserve historic interiors, Councilman-at-Large Bill Green honors Philadelphia history.

KYW Newsradio 1060 AM, 6-12-08
Mike Dunn
Final Vote on Boyd Theater’s Interior Will Come in the Fall

Philadelphia Inquirer, 6-12-08
Inga Saffron
Preservationists once bit, twice shy, over Boyd bill

Philadelphia Daily News, 6-11-08
Chris Brennan
Legislation To Save Boyd Interior On Hold Till Fall

PlanPhilly, 6-12-08
Green’s bill on preserving historic interior space passes out of rules committee

Philadelphia Inquirer, 5-30-08
Inga Saffron
Boyd Theater renominated for landmark status

KYW Newsradio 1060 AM, 5-30-08
KYW Team Coverage
Nutter Hopes to Preserve Theater with ‘Historic Title’

Weekly Press, 5/28/08
Thom Nickels
The Boyd: Still endangered after all these years

PlanPhilly, 5/28/08
Matt Blanchard
Nutter wants the Boyd preserved

Philadelphia Inquirer, 5/28/08
Editorial: Boyd Theater, Certifiably historic

The Bulletin, 5/27/08
Thom Nickels
Local Fight for Boyd continues

KYW Newsradio 1060 AM, 5-25-08
Mike Dunn
Councilman Introduces Bill to Preserve Center City Theater

WRTI FM 90.1 Radio, Creatively Speaking, 5-24-08
Jim Cotter
Philadelphia’s Boyd Theater

KYW Newsradio 1060 AM, 5-22-08
Karin Phillips
Advocates Urge Historic Preservation for Philadelphia’s Boyd Movie House

PlanPhilly, 5/22/08
Matt Blanchard
Vocal turnout for Boyd Theatre rally

Philadelphia Daily News, 5/23/08
Nicole Norfleet
Groups turn out to support “endangered” Boyd Theatre

Philadelphia Daily News, 5/22/08
Catherine Lucey
Bill Green Helping the Boyd

Fox 29 TV, 5/22/08
Gerald Kolpan
Effort to Save Boyd Theatre Continues

Weekly Press, 5/22/2008
Haywood Brewster

City�s Only Motion Picture Palace Faces Uncertain Future

Philadelphia Inquirer, 5/22/2008
Inga Saffron

Changing Skyline: Boyd’s loss would be a new shame of the city

Philadelphia Inquirer, 5/20/2008
Inga Saffron

Boyd Theater Makes Endangered List

City Paper, 2/15/2008
Daniel Campo

Is It Curtains?


Rittenhouse Magazine, Winter 2007/2008
D. A. Barsottik

A Vintage Venue at 1908 Chestnut Street

Art Matters, 07/01/07
Diane Fisk

Architecture: Save the Boyd

Philadelphia Inquirer, 3/11/07
Carrie Rickey
Can Boyd Still Have Film Role?

Philadelphia Daily News, 3/07/07
Dan Gross
Live Nation Dumping Sameric?


Philadelphia Inquirer, 9/15/2006
Inga Saffron
Halts Boyd Rehab Work

Philadelphia Daily News, 9/12/06
Dan Gross
Work Stops On Sameric


Weekly Press, 10/5/05
Howard B. Haas
Clear Channel’s purchase of the Boyd Theatre

City Paper, 2/10/05
Mike Newall
The Last Picture Show

Philadelphia Weekly, 2/9/05
J. Cooper Robb
The Space

Philadelphia Inquirer, 1/28/05
Ingra Saffron
Pesky Preservationist, and Time, Help Boyd Live On

Jewish Exponent, 1/13/05
Jordana M. Jacobs
to the Future: Boyd Theatre to Recapture Its Old Glory

Weekly Press, 1/12/05
Thom Nickels
Clear Channel’s
Sealed Deal That Saved The Boyd

Philadelphia Inquirer, 1/12/05
Howard B. Haas
Supporting role for Friends of the Boyd

Daily Pennsylvanian, 1/12/05
Austin Lavin
Boyd Theater Slated To Be Redone, Opened

Philadelphia Inquirer, 1/6/05
Daniel Rubin
To Be Renovated, Reopened In 2006

Daily News, 1/6/05
Earni Young
Life Coming For The Boyd

Philadelphia Inquirer, 1/5/05
Daniel Rubin
Deal To Save The Historic Boyd Theatre To Be Detailed Today

Daily News, 1/5/05
Earni Young and Mark McDonald
Plan To Save The Boyd


Weekly Press
Howard B. Haas
RE: Saving Philadelphia’s Movie Palace!

Philadelphia Inquirer, 4/16/04
Carrie Rickey
Final Film Before Grace Became Princess

Weekly Press, 3/17/04
Thom Nickels
The Caves
Of The Boyd

Philadelphia Daily News, 2/5/04
Earni Young
City Council again
to consider TIF plan for Sameric/Boyd


Philadelphia Inquirer, 12/5/03
Carrie Rickey
Pivotal Role For Hepburn

City Paper, 11/27/03
Amy L. Webb
Saving the Sameric

Philadelphia Weekly, 10/15/03
Collin Keefe
Boy Oh

Philadelphia Inquirer, 9/17/03
Daniel Rubin
To Restore Boyd Confirmed

Philadelphia Daily News, 9/16/03
Dan Gross
Sameric Getting New Start

Philadelphia Inquirer, 6/27/03
Carrie Rickey
‘International House’ at Namesake Venue

City Paper, 6/26/03
Daniel Brook
Demolition Derby

City Paper, 5/22/2003
John Gallery
Inside Out: Preserving Historic Interiors

City Paper, 4/03/2003
Patrick Starr
Boyds of a Feather

Weekly Press, 3/27/2003
Thom Nickels
A Night to remember Fundraiser for Friends of the Sameric Theatre draws overflow crowd

Philadelphia Daily News, 3/25/2003
Dan Gross
Pennsylvania Ballet eyeing Sameric for classrooms, offices

Philadelphia Inquirer, 3/21/2003
Michael L. Norris
Don’t Let Sameric Fade To Black

Philadelphia Inquirer 1/9/2003
Dick Polman’s
If L.A. can save its historic theaters, why can’t we?


Daily News 12/26/2002

G.W. Miller

Play It Again, Sameric

City Paper 12/19/2002

Daniel Brook


Let Them Eat Cake

Philadelphia Daily News 11/14/2002

Dan Gross

Trocadero looks to partner with Sameric

Philadelphia Daily News 10/22/2002

Dan Gross

Attorney not giving up bid to save Sameric theater

Philadelphia Daily News 10/04/2002

Court date set for demolition permit appeal

Philadelphia Daily News 8/31/2002

Armando A. Pandolo, Jr.

Movie palaces & Fairmount Park


Philadelphia Daily News 8/29/2002

Dan Gross

Group looks to retain ownership

Hoping developer will donate Sameric

Philadelphia Daily News 8/22/2002

Dan Gross


Sameric/Boyd might be a dinner theater

Weekly Press 8/14/2002

Thom Nickels

Weighing the fate of the Sameric

L&I Review Board hearing

Weekly Press 8/14/2002

Thom Nickels

Weighing the fate of the Sameric

L&I Review Board hearing.

Philadelphia Daily News 8/07/2002

Dan Gross

Permit to raze Sameric is upheld by L&I board

Philadelphia Inquirer 8/07/2002

Inga Saffron, Inquirer Architecture Critic

Review panel rebuffs Sameric advocates

The board affirmed the demolition permit for the movie palace. Supporters will appeal.

Weekly Press 8/07/2002

Thom Nickels

Sameric … remains of the day

Coverage of the Mayor’s tour on July 31.

Philadelphia Daily News 8/01/2002

Dan Gross

Mayor vows to help the Sameric

Says he’ll seek funding to restore movie house.

Philadelphia Inquirer 8/01/2002

Inga Saffron, Inquirer Architecture Critic

Mayor calls for Sameric preservation

On a tour of the theater, Street told the owner that he would support public subsidies to save the building.

Philadelphia Daily News 7/30/2002

Dan Gross

Sameric backers try to have demolition permit revoked

Preservation Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania At Risk 2002

Boyd / Sameric Theater listed as one of 10 most endangered historic properties by statewide group.

Philadelphia Business Journal 07/19/2002 edition

Allen Greenberg, Editor’s Notebook

His name in lights

Philadelphia Inquirer 7/05/2002

Inga Saffron, Inquirer Architecture Critic

Good deal for builder, a raw one for the city

Political machinations over Goldenberg’s infamous 8th & Market Hole.

Weekly Press 7/03/2002

Thom Nickels

Sameric Demo Derby, if all else fails

Coverage of June 25 community meeting.

Philadelphia Daily News 7/01/2002

Dan Gross

Boyd Theater was the ‘best of the best’

Says Frankie Avalon, “…to go uptown to see a movie at the Boyd, you just thought you were in heaven.”

Philadelphia Inquirer 6/29/2002


Editorial | Playing an old game
Deals with contributors don’t always benefit Phila.

Philadelphia Daily News 6/27/2002

Dan Gross

Developer: Not curtains for Sameric

Philadelphia Inquirer 6/26/2002

Ken Dilanian

Developer boosts Street fund

As Kenneth Goldenberg’s projects were being considered, his partnerships gave the mayor $55,000 in contributions.

WHYY-FM Radio Times 6/20/2002

Marty Moss-Coane

RealPlayer audio archived

Leslie Smallwood, Goldenberg Group Development Director, Andrew R. McElhinney, Deputy Chairman of the Committee to Save the Sameric, and Inga Saffron, Inquirer Architecture Critic.

Philadelphia Daily News 6/20/2002

Dan Gross

Sameric can be saved

Many theaters like it have been resurrected

City Paper 6/20/2002

Daniel Brook

Filling the Boyd

Fiscal realities & what has worked elsewhere

Philadelphia Inquirer 6/20/2002


Picture this:
A city that puts a high priority on saving one-of-a-kind buildings.

Philadelphia Weekly Press 6/19/2002

Thom Nickels

Holes all over the city: Save the Sameric!

Philadelphia Daily News 6/18/2002

Dan Gross

Coming Attraction: Demolition

Philadelphia Inquirer 6/18/2002

Inga Saffron, Inquirer Architecture Critic

Sameric’s fate still up in the air

Philadelphia Daily News 6/13/2002

Lawyer leads charge to save Sameric

Preservation Online 6/11/02

National Trust for Historic Preservation

Philadelphia’s Last Theater

Philadelphia Weekly 05/15/2002

Liz Spikol – Trouble with Spikol column

Play it again Sameric

Letter from Howard B. Haas 5/22/2002

with ideas of how the Boyd can thrive in the future.

Letter from Julie Funderburk 5/29/2002

on the Boyd’s importance to Philadelphia, the walkable city.

Philadelphia Inquirer 05/07/2002

Inga Saffron, Inquirer Architecture Critic

The Sameric Theater shuts down

Bucks County Courier-Times 05/05/2002

Jerry Jonas column

Boyd Theater, last survivor of a fabulous era

The writer ushered at the Boyd in the 50s.

Philadelphia Inquirer 4/19/2002
Inga Saffron, Inquirer Architecture Critic
Panel Sided Against History with Movie House Decision

“The Philadelphia Historical Commission couldn’t have made its priorities any
clearer than it did recently. At the same meeting that the commission gave
Montgomery County developer Ken Goldenberg carte blanche to raze a fabulous art
deco theater on Chestnut Street, it held a special ceremony to honor Wayne
Spilove, a former commission chairman who distinguished himself by tearing down
most of the 1600 block of Sansom Street. Maybe it’s time to rename this branch
of city government…”

Philadelphia Business Journal 02/22/2002 edition
Natalie Kostelni, Staff Writer


Now showing: Sameric preservation drama