Friends of the Boyd

Chestnut Street Exterior

“View of the exterior, showing the modernistic treatment, which is carried out even unto the sign. Interesting are the architectural lines of the masonry, which get a striking modernistic effect rather simply.”

“the ticket seller’s booths are of hammered wrought metal with colored glass panels”

– 2-16-29 Exhibitors Herald-World article on the Boyd, p. 71

The Boyd Theatre was built on Chestnut Street to Sansom Street, between 19th and 20th Streets. Above the marquee is a huge window  which in various colors, depicted Art Deco geometric details and the theater curtain (on the left & right). Two small windows depicted the same motifs. Some of that original glass survives.

Outdoors were two stores with Art Deco metal railing and glass with geometric patterns and plant motifs.Each of the 2 retail stores had 2 doors with Art Deco metal grilles; we discovered 2 doors in storage. Above the doors were transom panels etched in Art Deco patterns; we discovered 2 transom panels (one framed, one not) whose geometric patterns match the glass below.

In 1953, a bit of the Outdoor Promenade  was included in the Ticket Lobby before the Grand Lobby. In 2005, original terrazzo floor  that used to be outside was discovered underneath United Artists flooring in the Ticket Lobby.

The vertical sign was removed in 1934 per order of the City’s Art Jury Commission.  There was a remodel in 1953, with a new marquee and a new ticket booth. Lost then were ceiling medallions with lanterns with snail like antennas and decorative plaster at the ceiling’s edges. The Boyd in 1971 was renamed the Sam Eric.

After your ticket is checked in the Ticket Lobby (not pictured here), step inside the Grand Lobby.

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