Friends of the Boyd


“Stairways lead from the foyer to a lower mezzanine floor in which there is a combination lounge and smoking room. From the latter open rest rooms for men and for women, and also a special cosmetics room for the women”

– 2-16-29 Exhibitors Herald-World article on the Boyd, p. 71

The main Lounge, downstairs from the Foyer adjoining the auditorium, has stylized geometric plasterwork that’s the essence of Art Deco! The Men’s and Women’s restroom suites had furnished lounges. Elegant restroom lounges were an essential characteristic of movie palaces. Starting in the 1980’s, much of the Lounge was partitioned off, but access remained to the restroom suites and the Art Deco plasterwork survived.

These photos show signs which with Art Deco lettering proclaim Men and Ladies. The Ladies lounge had a door which says Telephone, legible in the original photo. The Lounge had 2 closet doors with Art Deco mirrors with the same designs as upstairs in the Foyer & Grand Lobby. The table in the center was an Art Deco rosewood wood design.

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