Friends of the Boyd

Foyer Mezzanine

“The Mezzanine floor. Especially interesting here is the adaptation of Art Moderne to the carpet, furniture and iron work. Metal, the modern substance, serves beauty as well as utility.”

– 2-16-29 Exhibitors Herald-World article on the Boyd, p. 73.

The Foyer’s upper level, the Foyer Mezzanine, is the balcony’s lounge. Like other movie palaces, the Boyd had furniture for patrons’ comfort. Metalwork was done in Art Deco patterns. The Foyer Mezzanine had marble drinking fountains, restrooms and elegant restroom lounges.

Look at the auditorium’s Paint Mock Up to visualize how vibrantly colored the Mezzanine would have appeared when first opened in 1928!

Proceed into the Auditorium.

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